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Olivia and her Pack... 

Having over 6 years experience in the pet care industry, I am ready to introduce you to Olivia's Pack, where every pet gets treated as one of my own! My dream has always been to have a career working with animals since I was a small child. From small pets such as fish and hamsters to my first dog that I begged my parents for, every pet holds a special place in my heart. I was born and raised in northern Delaware and am proud to serve my hometown and surrounding areas. 

I started my career in 2018 at a large, corporate pet care facility where I worked my way through a variety of jobs over the years including: a dog daycare attendant, dog bather, assistant trainer, and team lead, all the way to becoming a manager and Head Certified Dog Trainer. I graduated at the top of my class at the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy where I earned my Professional Dog Trainer title. I went back to CATCH for further education in Behavior Cases where I earned an additional certificate. My educational and hands on experience thus far has afforded me the opportunity to make my dream a reality. 

I also have been involved in rescue work since 2019 when I adopted one of my pups from Save a Yorkie Rescue. I fell in love with the organization and have been growing there as well. I started as a simple adopter and have grown to foster, train and place multiple dogs, as well as work my way up to becoming an official Board Member, where I specialize in their behavior modification cases. 

My little Pack is quite special and if you know me, you know my dogs are my life. Winston is my 6 year old Morkie who stole my heart. He is my little Assistant Trainer and attends many training sessions with me as my demonstration dog. He is Canine Good Citizen certified and a Certified Therapy Dog. Phoebe, who I adopted from Save a Yorkie Rescue, is my 5 year old chihuahua mix who one may think is my shadow. Wherever I am, rest assured Phoebe's not too far behind! She has the sweetest soul and is the reason why my heart is so involved in rescue. The most recent addition to the Pack is little Rhea, my 10 month old Chinese Crested/Pomeranian mix who I "foster failed". This means that I was fostering her but decided to adopt her myself. Rhea is such a unique and special little girl - I could not bear to see her go and have loved watching her blossom thus far! I do this because of and for them. 

Thank you for being apart of our Pack! 

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